World Vision: After the dust has settled

14 04 2014

A few weeks ago, the Christian community was rocked by the news that World Vision, an organization that helps third-world children and adults with basic needs and Christian teaching, changed their policy to allow the hiring of homosexuals, along with married homosexuals, into their organization.  This instantly caused many to withdraw their financial support until two days later, when World Vision reversed their decision due to the backlash from supporters.

While this may be old news to many, the arguments for and against that I’ve seen and heard have been basically the same.  One the one side, there are many Christians that just can’t believe World VIsion would do such a thing as to hire those that are in open sin into their organization and can’t see themselves supporting such a “ministry”.  On the other side, there are those that think this is a good way to show people that Christians can love everyboby, even homosexuals, and, besides, how can someone just take away their support and leave these children without basic needs?

After the dust has settled and the arguments are basically over, I guess my question is:  Is that really what this is about?  Let consider something a little more deeper.

If you’ve read my past post about gay marriage, you know that I cannot deny that homosexuality is a sin.  There is no doubt about it.  The Bible says it.  However, there are so many Christians that want to single that out as a sin that seems worse than any plague this world has ever known.  It’s as if it is one of the top five most horrible sins ever in the history of mankind, right up there with trying to take “God” out of the pledge of allegience, as if making sure these things don’t happen will win everybody over to Christ.  On the contrary, all it seems some Christian are trying to do is to keep their life from getting a little uncomfortable.

So why all the reaction against homosexuality?  Is it just a traditional reaction?  Are some just trying not to be uncomfortable?  Is it because we’ve never had to deal with it and don’t want to?

I read an interesting blog post earlier this month where the author spoke about how so many were withdrawing their support from World Vision because they felt that homosexuals shouldn’t be involved in a ministry like that. Yet. the author also pointed out that there are many in churches today that are unbiblically divorced, and some remarried, and, therefore, by Jesus’ words are adulterers, that are in ministries, even marriage ministries, but Christians hardly consider it an issue, even within the author’s own church. This is only one of many  examples, however, of how some blatant sins are winked at, that are “covered with grace”, but for some there seems to hardly be a shred of grace for.

Why are we letting some sins go and some we are so adamitly against.  Where is the balance?  Where is truth?

So why shouldn’t homosexuals be able to get married?  Why is it such a big issue?  All homosexuals see is that Christians think they shouldn’t be able to do what you can do because they are not you.  As you preach love, you come across to them as selfish and unloving.  And for what?

When I read the Bible, I see Jesus eat with and talking to sinners, prostitutes, tax collectors, Samaritans…you know, the scum of the earth in those days.  He was speaking truth to them about God, life, their own sin, and who He was.  He was not condoning their sin, but He was not keeping them from doing it either.  He told them the truth and let them decide if they wanted to follow Him or go their own way.  The ones that I see Jesus condemning are the Pharisees, the ones that twisted God’s commands to suit themselves, laid heavy burdens on people that they couldn’t carry, and wondered how anyone like Jesus could eat with tax collectors and sinners.

So why make a big deal about homosexuality and gay marriage?  Why try to make sinners not sin?  Why not make a big deal about dealing with the ridiculous divorce rate in churches, the false teachers that influence Christian culture, encouraging one another to live holy, blameless lives, and being a part of the worldwide Body of Christ by reflecting Him in this lost world?

As far as World Vision, there seems to be an issue not being discussed about it. World Vision is considered a Christian organization and is considered to be teaching Christian values to these children. It is supposed to be more that just sponsoring a child to keep them fed and clothed. If that is all it is, there are plenty of secular and even “religious” organizations that will feed and clothes men, women, and children all the way up until they die and go to hell because they do not teach Christ. Yet, World Vision says that they not only feed and clothe them, but also teach the children about Christ. Now, if you have a Christian organization that is teaching children about Christ and His teaching and practically endorsing open sin by having not only homosexuals, but also married homosexuals, they are distorting Christ and his teaching. While it sounds great that the children would learn how loving Christians can be toward everybody, no matter what the sin, they would also learn that homosexuals can be Christians and Christians think being homosexual is fine, when in actuality, it’s not. It’s sin that Jesus does not endorse.

I do not say this just because it’s homosexuality. No, I think the Christian culture is a bit hyper-political about it. However, if World Vision were to announce that they changed their policy to hire  people in other relationships while still married (adulterers), people who happily engage in premarital sex, Muslims (remember it’s a Christian org teaching Christ), people who openly use God’s name as a curse word (blaspheme), or people who frequently get drunk, I would not hesitate to revoke all sponsorship that I may have with them and encourage others to do the same. It’s not the issue of is it okay to hire homosexuals, it’s the issue of how are the people being helped going to take it when they realize that the Jesus World Vision represents is not the total Jesus of the Bible.

There has to be a balance.  I can see where people are at that want to emiphasis the truth of homosexuality being a sin.  I can see where people are at that want to show the love of Christ.  But, those are one and the same in Christ.  He is full of truth AND grace and we are his representatives.

If the point is to just feed and clothe children, there are plenty organizations out there that will do it without putting Jesus’ name behind it.  That way, the children won’t realize that Christians are liars just so they’d get people in their club.

Jesus said to follow HIM!




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14 04 2014
Will S.

Did God ever rain fire and brimstone down on any communities that were filled with adulterers? What about gamblers? Did God ever rain fire and brimstone down on Las Vegas?

Or on any small town filled with people who gossip, backbite, steal from their employers by not giving 100%, mistreat their employees by making them work overtime all the time, tell lies?

Did God ever rain down fire and brimstone on the heads of communities where divorce was rampant?

Despite the heinousness of all sin, including all these listed, God hasn’t rained fire and brimstone down on the heads of communities of doers of such evils, i.e. most of the planet.

God rained fire and brimstone down on Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Old Testament mandated putting people to death for homosexual acts, same as for adultery and murder. It did not do so for gossipers, etc.

It’s a bigger deal, as Scripture clearly demonstrates. It’s equally condemned in the New Testament as in the Old Testament, even if we don’t enforce OT style punishments for it, any more (and unlike adultery, we don’t actually have explicit Scriptural warrant for not continuing to punish people for that kind of sexual sin – not that I’m advocating such, but I am noting that our choice to be merciful is just that).

And the Bible describes what marriage is: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” That is God’s plan for marriage; that is what marriage is. Anything else is a mockery, and insofar as the laws of Western countries are still based, for historical reasons, because of our heritage, in Christian law, we should not change our marriage laws one iota to attempt to placate a ravenous minority that seeks to silence and subjugate us – as can be seen in how they will use ‘Human Rights’ organizations and laws to try force Christians to accept their business, whether decorating wedding cakes, or allowing them to rent a bed and breakfast room, etc. Or forcing out a CEO just because he opposes gay ‘marriage’.

It’s a big deal. And rightly so. The instinct of our fellow Christians is sound, and correct.

14 04 2014
Will S.

There is a season and a time for peace, but there is also one for war.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a culture war on. And it’s worse now than ever.

We are under attack; it is not the time to turn the other cheek; it’s time to strike back hard.

Not the time to wus out.

16 04 2014


Does not Paul call us stangeres and forgeiners? Did not Jesus say those that are His are not of this world? Are we not promised by the Lord Jesus that they will hate us because they first hated Him? This is not our home that we should fight for our rights or our comforts.

I agree in that it is not a time to wus out, as many in Christian culture has done. It is not a time, no, never was there a time, to cater to the winds of this world and its’ desires. There are too many catering to the sins and desires of this world that Christ is made into just a cool guy that wants you as His buddy and wants you to live your dreams. We do need to fight to make the real Jesus Christ known. However, it’s not a time to fight for control of this world, either. We look forward to a city in the heavens whose builder and make is God, where Christ will rightfully be our King. Until then, we preach the gospel, willing to lay down our lives for the truth, knowing that most in this world will not hear it.

16 04 2014
Will S.

I’m not interested in merely fighting for my comforts; I’m interested in fighting because our society has had a vision of the Good, and I’m interested in preserving / restoring that.

“By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, men of the West!” (Sorry; I love that line from Return of the King, as you can see from my Gravatar. But that’s just it – I want to preserve the West, because the West has had the Truth, and that’s what I want to preserve.)

16 04 2014


I understand about Sodom and Gomorrah. As I said, I do not deny homosexuality is a sin and one that God will judge.

However, why focus so much on the one sin as if there is no hope for them for any kind of repentance and forgiveness? Why fight it so much so that they will never choose to even consider the gospel? They will end up blaphemeing God because of us. I don’t want to be guilty of that.

Did not God plague those in idolatry? Did He not send plagues, illnesses, famines, and other various punishments for various other sins? Did He not also burn with fire others such as Nadab and Abihu in one instance and 250 others at one time in another instance for their rebellion? Is not death the penalty from the OT, not only for homosexuals, but also for murderers, blasphemers, those who curse their parents, adulterers, false prophets, and even Sabbath breakers? To think that God thinks less of other sins is to misrepresent God. Even in the NT, He killed a couple for lying, warns that all liars, idolators, murderers, and cowards will be thrown into the lake of fire, as well as anyone who does not bear good fruit.

The question is not: Are they worthy and deserve God’s judgement for their sin? Rather, the question is: Do we understand we deserve just as much punishment for our own sin. Was grace ever given to you by God? Did you deserve it?

When I look at God’s Word, I deserve the hottest Hell as anyone else. I have been an idolator and deserve to die. I have been a blasphemer and derserve to die. I have been a murderer (because of hatred as it says in the NT) and deserve to die. I have commited so many sins against a holy God that I deserve to die an agonizing death several times over. But why hasn’t God rained fire and brimstone on me? For some reason, He didn’t, and instead, called me by His grace that I may glorify Him.

Homosexuality is a major sin that God will indeed judge. But, we leave that condemning for Him to do. In the meantime, we preach the gospel. If some believe, we have gained a brother or sister. If some don’t, we keep going and let God deal with them. We do not know who will end up following Christ or not. Indeed, I have heard testimony of at least one homosexual who has decided to remain celibate, deny their own sinful passions, take up the cross, and follow Christ.

16 04 2014
Will S.

I realize the depths of my own sin, and I do think that since God ISN’T raining fire and brimstone down on queers today, they have plenty of chance to join us in repentance and celebration of God’s forgiveness and grace.

Yes, God killed Nadab and Abihu and idolators of all kinds; as for the plagues, though, they didn’t kill the Egyptians. They had plenty of chance to repent. But God Himself hardened Pharaoh’s heart; He gave Pharaoh over to his sins.

Did God’s people not have to defend themselves with the sword at times in the Old Testament?

Why not now, if it is coming to that?

Are we just be be like lambs before the slaughter, unwilling to fight back?

Or is there a legitimate point at which we can fight back? Why not now?

And why not fight to keep what we have, i.e. societies which recognize moral truths, rather than let lies and dishonesty win, and carry the day, in our societies, henceforth?

It’s not a mere case of power; it’s about truth! Our societies, for all our moral failings, have had it right about the homosexual issue; why not fight to maintain / restore that?

23 05 2014
Don Quixote

Jesus described big sins as “camels” and little sins as “gnats” [Matt.23:24].
I see sexual sins in a similar light. Some are big, and some are smaller. The homosexual community often asks the question, if the church can accept adulterers why not accept homosexuals. This is an easy question to answer. Most ‘rank-and-file’ church members don’t think they accept adulterers, and so rightly reject homosexuals. I agree with that the church should never accept homosexuals into fellowship unless they repent. But Jesus taught that if _anyone_ marries a divorced woman they commit adultery, sadly the church has gotten around this limitation with its divorce apologetics, but they are wrong. I have a page called ‘Once Married Always Married’, if you are interested please check it out:

2 06 2014

After reading this article and all the comments, I was reminded of The Lords Words from the entirety if chapter 16 in the book of Ezekiel. This gave me a proper perspective.

6 10 2014
Brian Jacobsen


Of course we are to witness to and love homosexuals. That goes without saying and I think your point that the modern church seems to focus on homosexuality hysterically is a good one. Most likely due to their own playing pattycake with other sins like adultery.

But those in ministry are to live holy and blameless lives. Lives that are beyond reproach, that is why homosexual marriage should be a non-starter to any actually Christian fellowship. As should adultery, drug use, etc. etc. This is why acceptance of homosexual “marriage” tends to serve as such a reliable bellweather as to the health of any Christian organization.

9 10 2014

I fully agree with you. I don’t know why you put the “but” into your second paragraph as I was not advocating homosexuals being a part of a Christian organization. The whole point of my post was about what you said in your first paragraph. World Vision should have never allowed or even considered it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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