Heaven Is For Real …’cause the Bible says so.

20 07 2012

Please note:  This is not a post about a book.  I am writing a post that is a bit less challenging than usual. Actually, it may be more of a fun post.  Anyway…

I got into a discussion with someone this past week about just how awesome Heaven (Eternity may be a better word) may be like.  Notice how I said “may be like”.

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for those who love Him.” – 1 Corinthians 2:9

People have some crazy notions about what eternity will be like, most of which are pretty self-focused.  Some think they will just be able to golf, fish, tan, play with dogs, etc. to there hearts content.  Just think…you’d never get tired, the weather will always be nice, and it will be just one big happy place.  Um….okay.

Even though I have no idea what it might be like, I was getting quite excited just talking about what could happen.

I enjoy creation.  I get excited by it.  There is just something that rises in me when I see or hear about something that is bigger than me that man did not create.  I have not been to many places in this world, but I am amazed by just hearing about or seeing some natural wonders.  I have been to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and have been in awe of the beauty that it displays.  I would love to see the Colorado mountains, the Grand Canyon, or to just to sit and enjoy nature in seclusion.

While those things are some amazing things to see and reveal God’s beauty, I also love seeing things that put fear in my heart.  I love seeing a good thunderstorm that has plenty of lightning.  There is just something fearfully awesome about watching a lightning bolt flash from the sky and knowing that it can start a fire or kill someone in an instant.  It was only a couple of weeks ago when we had a storm come through with hail.  Yes, it has hailed here before, but only for thirty seconds or so.  When it hailed a few weeks ago, it was quarter-sized hail for about five minutes.  I was able to look at the hail after it stopped.  It was amazing to me.  How can it be over 90 degrees(F) and rain big balls of ice.  It just blows my mind.  I have also be wanting to see a tornado with my own eyes for most of my life (from a distance, of course.)  All these things testify of the glory of God.

These are things that we can see.  We may even be able to know a bit about how these things happen.  But even if science can know and discover some things, science doesn’t and will never know it all.

You may be able to watch the Discovery channel to learn a bit about our bodies, nature, or space, but how does it all work together?  How does our digestive system truly work to break down food, use the nutrients, and give us energy?  How does it work together with the brain, nervous system, and muscles?  Why do we have feelings and how do they happen?  Exactly how does our consciences work?  How can I think and it seem like I’m talking inside my head?  How do dreams really work?  How in all creation does my heart beat, eyes blink, and everything that happens inside my body all by itself?

Did you know that some animals cannot live without the existence of a different animal?  If one of them dies out, there is no hope for the other.  How do animals and plants works together?  What exactly are the other planets like?  If the sun and moon were just a little closer or farther from us, it could be disastrous.  What about the other planets?  What purpose do they serve?

These are just a few questions to think about.  Some of them we may be able to find answers to.  However, are the answers we have the FULL answer?  God knows and I look forward to be able to soak up all the glory of God if He chooses to explain just how awesome He created things.

Even deeper, I look forward to hearing and understanding to the full extent what happened on the cross.  While we have it in the Scripture, I am sure we cannot fully grasped everything that happened.  Furthermore, is what is recorded everything that happened, or just what God decided to reveal to us for now?

What about how he has worked in your life?  Can you comprehend it?  I look forward to knowing exactly what paths God took me through, which bad ones I took but God still used,  what trials he put in my life and what I learned through them, and all the things He did through and to me that I never realized or even thought He’d ever do.  Not only that, but also seeing how He had worked in and through countless others throughout history to bring about His purposes and glory

To me, those are a few things I look forward to in eternity.  I would love to be able to know how He glorified Himself through these things because what we do know already glorifies Him and it’s only a tiny amount that we actually know.  If we could know everything about His glory in creation and our lives now, our brains would possibly explode.  I could see myself after a million years (if there is time as we understand it) still being absolutely full of awe and worship and still be soaking it in.  Hopefully, He will allow that to happen.  I was a little sad when I came across this verse though:

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind.” – Isaiah 65:17

So, we’ll see what happens  Maybe we can get a glimpse of His glory in this creation before we forget about it.

So while you go play golf, I hope to be able to learn and see the glory of God without my brain exploding.

Jesus said to follow Him.




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21 07 2012

My mom was horrified when I stayed outside to watch for a tornado when I was 16. Now, I would suggest going to Niagra Falls or something like it to see the beauty of deadly power from a safe distance, tornados are too unpredictable!

21 07 2012
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20 08 2012
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7 01 2013
Josue Nevak

“Our God will perfect the good work He has started in our lives, He is preparing us, shaping us and strengthening us to fight the good battle until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, for He has found us, saved us, restored us, transformed us, and called us to bless us and use us for His glory and honor according to His will”.

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