Dear Christian, how are you living?

9 03 2012

This is just a quick post to challenge you.  How is your Christian walk today?  Is it different from those around you who do not believe the gospel?

Actually, this whole blog is to challenge you.  It is to challenge how you live, what you believe, and why you believe it.  If you’re a Christian, why?  Are you believing what the Bible says, what your church says, or just going with the Christian culture?

In this post I just want to challenge you with another quote from Bruce Gerencser, a former Baptist pastor turned agnostic.  If you want to know why I am quoting him, check out my previous post.

Like children that are learning about life from watching their parents, so unbelievers and those doubting observe your conduct.  Are you living as if you truly believe what you say you do or are you living just like them?  Do you dishonor God by living in such a way that does not resemble His truth that you may confess?

Bruce writes in his blog:

The same Bible that tells us the gospel message that we are told we must accept as truth also presents a Christian lifestyle radically different from how Christians live today.

A lifestyle, it seems, that despite having their sins forgiven, and being made a new creature in Christ, Christians are unable to live it. It seems being indwelt by the Holy Spirit doesn’t help either.

You would think God living inside of you would make a difference.

We live a a nation inundated with Christian Churches, Christian books, Christian TV and radio. Christianity is the professed religion of the majority of Americans. Everywhere one looks Jesus can be found.

Yet, for the most part, those who profess they are Christians are no different from their non-Christians neighbors.

They preach Jesus is the answer but the non-Christian looks at the Christian and says “how’s that working out for you?

If Christians want to truly impress the world, if Christians want to give the world a reason to pause and consider the truth of the gospel….

Then live like it matters.

Stop preaching and start living.

In other words put up or shut up.

While I believe the Bible to be an errant, fallible, non-inspired work of men, if Christians truly lived their lives according to the words of Jesus it would cause me to wonder. It might make pause for a moment to consider the message of Jesus.

But, I know I am safe. Christians love money, food, power, sex, pleasure, entertainment, material goods, etc just like the rest of us. For all their talk of heaven they seem to want to stay alive right here with the rest of us.

The product produced shows that the advertising is false.

Change the product and people might begin to believe the advertising.

I see nothing within Christianity that says to me “come home.”

I like my new  residence.

And I can sleep in on Sunday.


Is this what some might think when they look at you, O Christian?  The world is watching.  How are you different?

Jesus said to follow Him.

P.S. I am not going to always write about Bruce. I am just reading his blog off and on and find some of his quotes and observations challenging and hope they challenge you too.




2 responses

10 03 2012

First of all, I’m a hypocrite and am guilty as the next Christian for failing to follow God’s word. And I have failed in many areas. However, I don’t understand how a person who thinks the Bible is false and full of errors can hit Christians over the head with something he believes is false. Seems sort of idiotic to me. I get your point though. However, Jesus is Jesus whether we act like he is or not. I think if this guy is looking only at Jesus’s followers and not trusting in Jesus himself, then of course he will be disappointed. We are imperfect beings in need of grace. Although I will agree that Christians don’t act the part, I don’t trust in people for my needs. I trust in God. Do I fail? You bet. Does God? No. The only failure I can see is people but without those failures, we wouldn’t see God’s grace and mercy either.

29 07 2012
Samson J.

Yet, for the most part, those who profess they are Christians are no different from their non-Christians neighbors.

This is not true, and I am never impressed when non-believers use this excuse – I mean, express this sentiment (which they do with some frequency). If you don’t see that Christians, even in the West today, are living markedly different lives than the rest of the population, then you are *trying* not to see it.

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